Dragon's Garden

Dragon's Garden

About us

An ecological accommodation in a permaculture garden in Ometepe Nicaragua

Combining comfort with respect for the environment, Dragon’s Garden offers a sustainable and immersive experience in a natural paradise. We are located near Santa Cruz.


Find Your Perfect Place

We offer a variety of different lodging options. For every nature minded traveler there will be something that suits your needs.

Bamboo Cabins

Enjoy your stay at Dragon’s Garden in one of our three private cabañas with private outdoor bathroom surrounded by a lush tropical garden and a special volcano view.
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Casa BellaVista

This peaceful off-grid house with stunning view is located just 10 minutes from Dragon’s Garden in the mountains. It is a fully equipped villa to enjoy nature with all the comfort you need.
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Delicious meals

Farm to table


Come try our delicious farm to table food, served with only the freshest ingredients right from our own garden and other local farmers.


We are working on opening our boutique shop soon. Soon you can find products here like honey produced by our own bees.

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A lovely boutique shop

Come and explore

Learn about conscious living

Workshops & Tours

We offer a variety of workshops that teach about our values and lifestyle. Come join our activities like yoga, guided tours, and pottery workshops!
About us

Living in harmony with nature

At Dragon's Garden, preservation of the environment is of the utmost importance, and we act to minimize our ecological footprint.

By choosing our ecolodge, you support our efforts to preserve the environment and promote sustainable tourism. Reconnect with nature, live an authentic experience, and be inspired by the beauty of Dragon's Garden.

What is going on at the moment

Permaculture tour

Every week we are offering a tour through the property where Nirina is explaining the basics of Permaculture and why the landscaping and gardening in this place have been designed [...]
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Sunset kayaking

One of our favorite activities during the sunset is a kayak tour into the Rio Istian. It’s just one of the most calming things to do. Floating on a volcanic [...]
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Pottery workshop

Life is just like potter’s clay – it gets shaped by your own hands Our first Pottery Workshop has started today! All the utensils are coming right from our backyard: [...]
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Do you like Gallo pinto ?

As you can imagine, rice is part of the staple diet in Nicaragua. Do you know that the country produced around 290,000 tonnes of rice in 2022? At dragon’s garden, [...]
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Do you know about Ometepe biosphere reserve ?

Ometepe Biosphere Reserve is a part of a broader projet namely the Biodiversity Corridor in Central America. It is a significant conservation initiative aimed at preserving and connecting the region’s [...]
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Why did we choose the name Dragon’s Garden?

Here at Dragon’s Garden, we have 600 dragon fruit plants growing on our land. These fruits grow on several varieties of cactuses that are native to Central America, and come [...]
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"In Dragon's garden you'll be surrounded by nature. Tune in with the energy and pace of the nature, so you can replenish your soul."

About Omepete

The island of gods

With its twin volcanic peaks, Concepción and Maderas, Ometepe Island is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, kayaking, and exploring lush forests teeming with wildlife. Discover ancient petroglyphs, immerse yourself in vibrant local traditions, and unwind on idyllic beaches. From its breathtaking landscapes to its warm and welcoming community, Ometepe Island is a true gem that invites you to experience the magic of Nicaragua's natural wonders.

What our customers say about us

It is a perfect place to be quiet for a few days, there is no noise and both the owners and workers are very nice. The breakfast they offer is delicious.
Elisenda T.
The straw houses are highly recommended and a unique experience.
The accommodation has a large area which you can use to relax.
Michael G.
What a beautiful place to stay! Great value for money. Simple but cleverly designed cabanas felt like we were sleeping in the jungle.
Nicky D.

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Making the world a better place through the care of our environment
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